As you’re probably aware, the Golden Globes awards are tonight out in Los Angeles and the stars (as well as their media enablers) are wearing black to bring awareness to sexual misconduct in the film and television industry:

And one of the stars who will reportedly participate in this fashion advocacy is Meryl Streep:

She’s even bringing a real-life activist with her:

But Streep, as we all know, was a big fan of both Harvey Weinstein and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. Here’s Donald Trump Jr. with the DUNK:

Even better, he’s linking to Snopes who rated “Did Meryl Streep Applaud Roman Polanski at the Academy Awards?” as True.

Her past embrace of Weinstein is true, too:

Maybe the activist is Streep’s “human shield”?

As for the Golden Globes, the “black-dress blackout” is expected to be good for the fashion industry:

Phew. Activism and fashion!