Politico has a piece out on Katie Price, a hair and makeup artist for White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and it’s being spun as part of a Russia conspiracy by Dem strategist Jon Cooper:

You see, yes, Price worked for Russia Today, but she also worked for CNN. Cooper left that part out. From Politico:

Professional stylist Katie Price, who previously worked as a hair and makeup artist for Russia Today and CNN, is now a full-time White House official with a desk in the press office and the title of production assistant, which includes her daily duties getting press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, counselor Kellyanne Conway and other White House staffers coiffed and camera-ready.

You can’t make this up, but it’s true:

And as for “can’t make this s*it up,” Cooper’s lib followers have jumped on his tweet to further spread this BS Russia-collusion fiction:

As for Price’s hiring, why is it even a big deal?

TBH, we assume every White House had professional hair and makeup people.