Bill de Blasio is TOTALLY not running for president in 2020…

…as he reminds the audience he has ties to their state:

And to make that point, he showed reporters how he can literally walk and chew gum at the same time:

More from the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel who covered de Blasio during his tour of New York City’s “6th borough”:

But like any presidential candidate, de Blasio is already in full hypocrite mode. Shot…


As for Iowans, they’re not buying de Blasio’s act. They know he’s thinking about running, via the New York Times:

Even before he spoke, attendees at the holiday party were less convinced he lacked national ambitions.

Cindy Swanson, a Democrat from Des Moines, said she had also seen the mayor on one of his past trips — he came in 2015 and 2016 in a failed effort to influence the national debate.

“Anyone that comes to Iowa this many times, this early is testing the waters,” she said.