Um, no:

This bit of wisdom is from Dr. Kim E. Park, director of the North Korean program at the Korean American Medical Association:

The hunger is devastating. And it’s our fault.

Led by the United States, the international community is crippling North Korea’s economy. In August and September, the United Nations Security Council passed resolutions banning exports of coal, iron, lead, seafood and textiles and limiting the import of crude oil and refined petroleum products. The United States, Japan and South Korea have each imposed bilateral sanctions on Pyongyang to further isolate the country.

We are trying to inflict pain on the North Korean regime to stop the development of nuclear weapons and missiles. That’s understandable. But in the process, we are also punishing the most vulnerable citizens and shackling the ability of humanitarian agencies to deliver aid to them.

Dr. Park was also quoted in this Washington Post op-ed on North Korean sanctions from Dec. 16:

So both the New York Times and Washington Post run similar op-eds on the same weekend from the same expert? Something seems weird here, no?