As we told you on Tuesday, Scott Baio was called out by his “Charles in Charge” castmate Alex Polinsky “regarding those things we talked about on the phone a few years ago.” Polinsky didn’t make any direct accusations implicating Baio in anything, but the National Enquirer reported the interaction as: “Scott Baio Blasted Amid ‘Charles In Charge’ Pedophile Scandal — Angry Co-Stars Speak Out!

Fellow castmate Nicole Eggert joined in as well:

Polinsky, again not naming Baio, went on to say that he suffered abuse “daily on the set” of “Charles in Charge”:

Baio responded to the National Enquirer, saying he doesn’t recall what Polinsky is referring to and that it’s probably best if both parties contact the LAPD next.

Baio’s wife, Rene, posted a screenshot of Baio’s comment to the National Enquirer to Twitter:

A fan of Baio’s responded to Rene in defense of her husband:

…but then Eggert responded back with one word: “#polygraph”:

Eggert also retweeted this user who says he has personal knowledge of Baio’s past behavior:

Stay tuned…