Piers Morgan declared war on America, lingerie, Advent calendars and pasta all in one tweet with this hot take on supermodel Emily Ratajkowski on Tuesday:

Ratajkowski, 26, was born in London to American parents which means she’s American, so lay off, Piers. She can take photos with whatever carbohydrate she wants. It’s called freedom-feminism:

The shots are actually stills from a video Ratajkowski starred in for Love Magazine’s annual Advent calendar. Does Piers hate Christmas, too? Probably. Ratajkowski is Day 3:

Like the brave Revolutionary Army at the Battle of Yorktown, Ratajkowski fired back at the overmatched Brit:

And she pinned this tweet from 2016 to the top of her page:

Time to surrender, Piers.

Here’s the video in its entirety: