So, over on Instagram, Debra Messing shared a picture of her painting a horse.  “Not a picture of a horse: she slapped paint on a living horse”:

Do people really do this?


And we still don’t know why even after reading her caption (also, it impossible for a horse to hug a human, but science or something):

therealdebramessing Something I never would have even imagined doing! This is Wyn. A beautiful sweet horse. A group of us were taken to a ranch where we were instructed to paint ON the horse (with water soluble, non toxic Crayola paints a la kindergarten.) We were I nly given primary colors and told to use both brushes and our hands. It was shocking and amazing. To feel him breathing under my brush. To negotiate with him. It was fun and peaceful and Wyn gave me a beautiful hug after I was done.

Over to you, readers: Any clue what she’s up to?