It’s going to be really hard for Dems to get too mad at President Trump over his position on the AT&T–Time Warner merger…

…when it’s basically the same as Elizabeth Warren’s. From CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter:

Via Hadas GoldSen. Elizabeth Warren sends this statement regarding the DOJ/AT&T lawsuit, similar to what other Dems said, praising the lawsuit but cautiously because of Trump’s rhetoric: “The proposed AT&T and Time Warner merger would place even more power in the hands of giant corporations while harming small businesses, entrepreneurs, and working families — and that’s why I’ve argued that it should be blocked. The President’s anti-democratic attacks on our free press have cast a cloud of suspicion over the Justice Department’s decision to try to stop this merger, but at a time when power is more and more concentrated in a handful of giant companies, the courts and the public must approach this case as they would any other — based on the law and the facts, and not President Trump’s repeated efforts to punish his enemies.

Bonus. Here’s Warren railing against Makan Delrahim’s nomination for United States Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division because of the AT&T deal:

A deal which he just sued to stop, which is what Warren wanted him to do in the first place:

This town, right?