Last week, this photo went viral after getting posted to Facebook by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. Sheriff Nehls, before he deleted the post from his personal page, wrote that he wanted to have a chat with the person who owned the truck, prompting an outcry from the ACLU on the grounds that the offensive sticker was free speech:

At the time of the post, nobody knew who was behind the sticker, but a woman outed herself to the Houston Chronicle:

Turns out, a woman who identified herself as the driver said she used to work for Nehls in the county jail.

Karen Fonseca said the truck belongs to her husband but that she often drives it. They had the sticker made and added it to the window after the billionaire real estate magnate and reality TV star was sworn into office.

The sticker has attracted attention many times before, Fonseca said. People shake their head. They take photos of it. Officers have pulled her over but failed to find a reason for writing a ticket.

Now the sheriff is taking it on, but Fonseca did not plan to contact him.

Big mistake! It turned out that Fonseca was wanted on an outstanding warrant over fraud charges and was arrested after her name went public. Of course, the headlines are trying to link the message with the arrest, but that’s BS:

Salena Zito with the well-needed fact-check:

Fonsenca posted $1500 bail and immediately added a new sticker to her Truck targeting the sheriff. It reads, “F*ck Troy Nehls and f*ck you for voting for him”:

Classy. If she goes to jail on the fraud charges, will the media blame the new sticker?