It appears that a coup is underway in Zimbabwe with reports of the military taking President Robert Mugabe into custody:

Game over, Mugabe?

It looks like the military acted to prevent Mugabe’s wife from taking control. From the New York Times:

[The commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, Gen. Constantine] Chiwenga was considered close to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom Mr. Mugabe summarily expelled from the government and the governing ZANU-PF party last week. The move was widely seen as clearing the path for Mr. Mugabe’s wife, Grace, 52, who had been amassing growing political power in the past two years as her aging husband’s health declined visibly.

Flashback: Mugabe ate a baby elephant for his 91st birthday.

The U.S. is monitoring the situation:

And the Brits are telling their citizens to stay indoors:

According to South African President Jacob Zuma, Mugabe is under house arrest:

The military says it’s not a coup, however:

It sure looks like a coup:

It’s kind of the coup playbook:

The military is currently “targeting criminals” with ties to Mugabe:

They’re even changing the signs already:

According to reports, Mugabe’s wife may have fled the country:

We’ll keep you posted.