Well, it’s official: EVERYONE gets 280 characters:

The Daily Beast reported this a week ago, but was told it wasn’t true:

This is a comms guy from Twitter denying The Daily Beast report:

Not a good look, Twitter.

Anyway, the blue-checks that Twitter is trying to keep happy are beginning to revolt over the longer tweets.

Comedian Andy Richter:

And celebrity BLM protester DeRay Mckesson and Twitter partner is no fan:

Others are angry that Twitter gave a bigger platform to those they don’t agree with:

And we’re seeing a lot of these kinds of tweets. Do we really need 280 for this?

And some are mad that Donald Trump gets 280, too:


Model Chrissy Teigen even said she “will NEVER us 280 characters nor … favorite or retweet a tweet with them”:

But maybe it’s a losing battle and Jack will prevail in the end:

Sounds like 280 characters will be here to stay, which means more of this:

Thanks, Jack!