An arrest warrant was issued for Rose McGowan in Loudoun County, Virginia, for “felony possession of a controlled substance.” Apparently she left a bag behind at Dulles Airport back in January and that bag tested positive for drugs:

McGowan, who is in the news for taking down Harvey Weinstein and her crusade against other Hollywood predators, tweeted that authorities were “trying to silence” her and that the charges were a “load of HORSESHIT”:

Many on Twitter agreed:

(This very well may be the only time @PrisonPlanet and George Takei agree on something)

Or not:

From LawNewz:

Simply put, if you leave illegal drugs on an airplane, you cannot bitch about the consequences. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hollywood actress or a stay-at-home mom. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardened criminal or a blameless rape victim. That’s just how the law works. Commit a crime, face consequences.   Rose McGowan knows that, and until yesterday, we thought she was advocating for that system.