The number of women accusing Mark Halperin sexual harassment or assault is now up to at least 12. New reporting from CNN’s Oliver Darcy:

These new allegations accuse Halperin of masturbating in front of one woman and throwing another woman up against a window:

Halperin denies the self-abuse:

Halperin posted this statement to Twitter, saying he’s a changed man since his ABC days thanks to counseling:

Oh, really? Here’s the clip from MSNBC — years after his counseling — where he goes after Emily Miller, who accused Halperin of sexual harassment when she worked at ABC. Is this really the behavior of a changed man?

Miller tweeted earlier today that she’s not done with Halperin, by any means:

Good. Take him down.

Now, how many women will come forward with stories of his post-counseling days?

So far, one woman has come forward to say Halperin is a liar:

Goodbye, Mark. And good riddance.



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