Former child star Corey Feldman was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana  shortly before he was set to perform in Louisiana at a benefit for hurricane victims over the weekend:

Feldman and his band ended up missing the benefit because of it:

Twitter was quick to note the timing of the bust and speculated that it was somehow tied to Hollywood big-wigs attempting to silence Feldman:

Feldman later took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying he “was not arrested or put in jail.” Feldman said the drugs were not his, but that of his bandmates.  He went on to claim the drugs were all legal (in California) and charges would be dropped once proof was provided:

But Feldman himself called the timing “ironic”:

Earlier in the week, Feldman ripped into witnesses who haven’t come forward to back him up and explained why he’s not naming-names of his alleged predators. Feldman  did leave a window open if he could figure out a plan that would lead to “actual justice”:



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