We’re learning more about the ambush in Niger that killed 4 and wounded 2 Green Berets earlier this month.

First up, from the Pentagon:


We’re in Africa to make America safer:

And we have 800 troops in country:

According to the Pentagon, they “were prepared for this deployment”:

But it’s not a “direct combat mission”:

All the networks are reporting from anonymous sources as well.

The ambush make have occurred because the meeting attended by the Green Berets ran long:

Sgt. La David Johnson’s body was found later on and “nearly a mile away” from the ambush location:

This was a routine mission:

But also a “massive intelligence failure”:

There were no American air assets in the area and the Green Berets used a private contractor for their evacuation:

Earlier this year, the U.S. military asked for more support in Niger:

And this language won’t go over very well:

Sen. Lindsey Graham went on record linking the danger of Islamic terrorists in Niger to a potential future 9/11-style terror attack:

The FBI is assisting in the investigation:

Exit question:

Get ready for it.





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