Actress Mayim Bialik has apologized for a controversial (well, to liberals it was) op-ed in the New York Times where she talked about “being a feminist in Harvey Weinstein’s world” and how she was never sexually harassed in the movie business because she doesn’t fit Hollywood’s ridiculous conventional standard of beauty:

Liberal women quickly jumped on their equally liberal female counterpart and spun what she wrote into some sort of victim-blaming for assault:

Bialik never argued that assaults only happened to the provocatively dressed mind you, just that her appearance protected her from many of the scumbags in Hollywood, but that didn’t stop other actresses from piling on:

She never said this either:

Nor this:

Anyway, here’s the apology:

Many of her peers were pleased with it:

But she wasn’t wrong:

And it’s just sad that she felt the need to apologize:

For a great defense of Bialik, read this from Bethany Mandel:

We agree!