BuzzFeed has a piece up today on the “SHI**Y MEDIA MEN” list, a Google spreadsheet document that flying around newsrooms with a list of men in the media industry accused of everything from “weird lunch dates” to “rape.” (Editor’s note: we have not seen the list)

An excerpt:

Question: Why isn’t BuzzFeed applying the same standards to this document as the now infamous Trump dossier, which they published? Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed, wrote in the NYT that one of the reasons why he published the dossier was because it was in wide circulation:

First, the documents were in wide circulation among top intelligence and elected officials and news organizations. They were being fought over — and acted on — at the highest levels of power. But the rest of the country was getting only the occasional glimpse of those battles, never the source documents themselves.

From BuzzFeed’s own reporting on the SHI**Y MEDIA MEN list, we know it’s in wide circulation, too.

So, why did BuzzFeed publish it? Oh, maybe because BuzzFeed employees are ON THE LIST:

The accused work at some of the most well-known places in the industry, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, Mother Jones, and BuzzFeed. These are places that have written about the Weinstein allegations, and other sexual harassment allegations in tech and other industries. What will their response be when the call is coming from inside the house?

Over to you, Ben Smith.