As we told you earlier, ISIS — without a shred of evidence (cc Brian Stelter) — claimed that Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was a Muslim convert and claimed responsibility for the attack.

Now there’s still no evidence that Paddock was a member of ISIS, but the terror group is doubling down on its earlier claim. From ISIS expert and New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi‏:

According to the newsletter, Paddock converted 6 months ago:

English translation here:

Again, there’s no evidence here but as Callimachi points out, ISIS is pretty honest about this stuff:

For example:

And get ready for the conspiracy theories, on all sides:

Now Callimachi doesn’t take this claim at “face value,” but she’s also not discounting it:

She’s found only 3 false claims out of the 50 she’s tracked:

Note that ISIS does not have to actually order someone to carry out an attack for ISIS to claim credit:

And Callimachi doesn’t buy that ISIS is claiming credit for Las Vegas because they’re getting knocked around in Iraq;

Good question.