San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz gave an emotional interview to CBS News a few minutes ago where she talked about the logistical challenges of getting aid into the hands of the people who need it around Puerto Rico.

At the 1:07 mark she bluntly says, “I’m going to say it and you can bleep it. But we need to get our … we need to get our s*it together because people are dying.”


Earlier on CNN, Mayor Cruz responded to President Trump’s tweet last night, saying that Puerto Rico’s debt problems should be separate from the ongoing humanitarian crisis:

More from her interview on CNN:

President Trump thanked Cruz for the “kind words on FEMA etc.”:

FWIW, Mayor Cruz was a Hillary supporter during the election:

Translation via Bing: “@ I have had my differences with her and I submit them, but I can’t deny that it is ready and that Trump does not deserve to be Pres.”