This isn’t quite as good as the story of a Chick-fil-A in Houston that sent a boat to rescue two people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but it’s still pretty nice. Chick-fil-A to the rescue, again:

The residents, in need of ice, called the local Chick-fil-A and asked for help. Unfortunately the restaurant’s ice machine was broken, but Chick-fil-A did one better and delivered food instead. From the Miami Herald:

Within the hour, six senior residents each had an original chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a cold lemonade in hand. A photo taken by Amador shows them smiling and holding up the treats.
“Some said it was so good that they were going to save half for the next day,” Amador said. “This isn’t a neglect issue, but a power issue,” noting that the ALF — located at 18201 NW 57th Ave. — had recently run out of gas for its generator, which was powering the refrigerator and an industrial fan.

Read the whole thing here.

In Chick-fil-A we trust!

And when their restaurants aren’t saving old people, they’re raising money for the Red Cross: