The guided missile destroyer USS John. S. McCain was involved in a collision with another ship near Singapore tonight (EDT) with reports of sailors missing and injured:

Photos of the ship show a large hole on its port side:

The pool report stated that President Trump’s response to a shouted question on the collision was, “that’s too bad”:

But it’s not clear if the president had been fully briefed at the time of the question.

VOA’s Steve Herman tweeted that the reporters were not aware of the “missing and injured sailors” when the question was asked:

Brian Stelter adds:

And we don’t have audio or video of the quote:

But the fact that we don’t really know what President Trump knew at the time of his answer isn’t stopping the blue-checkmark brigade from doing its thing:

The president and Sarah Sanders just tweeted this out without referencing the “that’s too bad” outrage: