As we head into the weekend, America’s celebrities are pretty convinced we’re all going to die, thanks to President Donald Trump.

Here’s Sarah Silverman:

Joss Whedon thinks Twitter’s TOS can save us all:

As does former Obama adviser and actor Kal Penn:

Kumail Nanjiani of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” begged “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson to release the film early:

And Chrissy Teigen joked if she should start hoarding food:

Oh, celebrities. They do miss these days:

Anyway, as NPR reports, “despite” all the rhetoric, the “U.S. military posture hasn’t really changed”:

And the Air Force hasn’t flown any B-1 missions for days:

As for the U.S. Marines, all of their aircraft have been grounded for 24 hours as the service deals with two recent crashes:

Not to burst the celebrity armageddon bubble, but the Trump administration is pursuing a diplomatic solution as well:

And as for South Koreans and their reaction? Meh:

Deep breaths everyone. We’re going to be OK.