HAHAHAHAHA! Liberal heads about to go ‘splody in 3…2…1… as it turns out the Koch brothers are making money — lots of money, apparently — by secretly funding movies:

No wonder “Wonder Woman” and “Dunkirk” were so good — conservatives were behind them.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Sources say Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch — who are worth a combined $96.2 billion and wield enormous power in political circles as major backers of right-wing politicians — took a significant stake valued at tens of millions of dollars in RatPac-Dune Entertainment. Now-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin brought the brothers in as investors as part of a $450 million deal struck in 2013 — a move that was never disclosed because RatPac-Dune is a private company.

Though Mnuchin is no longer involved with the slate financing facility, having recently put his stake into a blind trust in order to avoid a conflict of interest, the Koch brothers continue to be stakeholders in such films as Wonder Woman, Dunkirk and Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One.

Now let’s see if any liberals like Steve Spielberg turn down money from the Kochs just because they’re the Kochs.