There are many legitimate ways to criticize White House adviser Stephen Miller. This, however, is the stupidest one we’ve read:

And CNN reporter Chris Moody is serious:

Miller made an aggressive effort to become a leader of our adolescent experiment in mock government. The speech he delivered to get elected — and what he did after his victory — are moments I’ll never forget, even more so now that he’s in a position of real power.

Now 31, Miller is one of the most prominent West Wing staffers, known as a mini-Trump of sorts who can deliver a rapid-fire — sometimes fact-challenged — defense of the President on the Sunday shows that delights Trump even if it confounds almost everyone else. His vociferous backing of Trump’s most controversial policies inspired Stephen Colbert to depict him with his head decapitated on a spike. David Letterman came out of retirement to call Miller “creepy” in an interview with New York magazine.

Keep this up and President Trump will win a second and third term:

As bad as this is, it will probably get worse:

Who’s summer camp antics will be unearthed next? Watch out, Hugh Hewitt … they’re coming for you:

And reporters should take heed of this advice:

There are reasons the public hates the media and this is one ’em.


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