Teen Vogue has a new piece out calling on white Twitter users to question if posting GIFs of black people is actually “digital blackface”:

Apparently they’ve run out of things to be angry at:

One of the people this article highlights over the possible use of “digital blackface” — defined as “various types of minstrel performance that become available in cyberspace” — is Meghan McCain, Fox News host and daughter of Sen. John McCain. Now, Meghan isn’t accused directly of “digital blackface,” but 3 of her tweets were included in the article:

Wow. We wonder if Meghan knew she was such a racist?

Thankfully the author of the piece says that nobody is “coming to take GIFs away”:

Phew. And she’s just. Asking. Questions:

But when black people are the go-to choice for nonblack users to act out their most hyperbolic emotions, do reaction GIFs become “digital blackface”?

Over to you Meghan. What say you?