Expect to hear a lot about this story today:

And to be honest, President Trump’s past criticisms of Barack Obama and his many vacations will make any hits he takes entirely self-inflicted:

But there is another way the White House could spin this if it wanted…

President Trump isn’t going on vacation as much as he’s being forced out as the “dump” is getting repaired. From the AP:

The president’s vacation could be driven, in part, by necessity. Everyone who works in the White House West Wing, including the Oval Office occupant himself, will be forced to clear out by week’s end so that the government can replace the balky, 27-year-old heating and cooling system.


Besides the replacement of the West Wing’s heating and cooling system, repairs are also to be made to the steps on the South Portico, the side of the White House facing the National Mall. Cosmetic upgrades, including interior painting, replacing carpeting and curtains and fixing water leaks in the press office ceiling, are also on the maintenance list. Repairmen and others are expected to work around the clock during the coming weeks to complete all the upgrades by Aug. 21.

Although President Trump himself ruined this line of defense after tweeting how great the White House was yesterday:

He’s referring to the “Fake News” Golf Magazine article that quoted him as saying the White House is a “dump” and that’s why he leaves on weekends:

And since there’s a tweet for everything:


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