Ahh, you mad, boo?

The “threat” he’s referring to is this tweet from President Donald Trump saying he will take away “very soon” Congress’ subsidy that allows members and their staff to buy Obamacare on the cheap:

The Washington Post reported that the current taxpayer subsidy covers 72% of these premiums:

The Affordable Care Act required members of Congress, along with their staff, to buy health-care insurance through the online markets created under the law, the signature legislative achievement of the Obama presidency. But the lawmakers and their staff members generally make too much to qualify for subsidies under the law meant for low-income Americans. So President Barack Obama decided to let individual congressional offices be counted as small businesses, thereby allowing members and their staff to qualify for the subsidies.

On Saturday, Trump threatened to undo that Obama administration decision, effectively yanking away the federal government’s contribution to the insurance plans of members of Congress and their staff. Currently, their employer (i.e., taxpayers) pays 72 percent of their premiums.

So, senator, this is a really valid question:

Maybe Sen. Murphy is mad because he was told if he liked his taxpayer subsidized plan he could keep his taxpayer subsidized plan? You know, like what millions of Americans were promised when they were forced to use Obamacare:

Yes, the “drama queen” does think this is the case:

Welcome to the party, pal. And pay up.