One of our favorite reporters is Salena Zito who rose to national prominence during the 2016 election (we were already a fan) as one of the few people in the MSM to get what was going on with Trump voters.

Salena was at the president’s rally yesterday in Youngstown, OH and offered up this take that you won’t find if you just rely on the MSM for your news: “a hero’s welcome.”

Here’s an excerpt of what she heard directly from the Trump supporters in attendance:

Torrance, who is black, says he gets his fair share of criticism from folks when they find out whom he supports. He got more when he told them he was driving to see him in person at the rally.

“They don’t understand why I think he is doing OK,” he said. “They don’t think because I am black that I should support him. I am polite about it, but I tell them that politics isn’t about color, it is about accomplishments, and I think Trump is doing the right things.”

Torrance finds Trump’s approach to governing “refreshing.”

He is disappointed in people’s reaction to Trump’s presidency.

“I don’t care for the hatred directed towards him or the people who supported him. There have been plenty of presidents I did not vote for, but I always want them to be successful so that our country is successful,” he said.

She really gets it:

And it’s an important piece especially since the MSM is wondering what would happen to the Trump base if he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

And on Russia:

Ironically, Salena came under fire last week from Trump supporter Bill Mitchell who took issue with her reporting on Trump’s tweeting:

Has he not read anything she’s written because this is crazy-talk:

Exactly. Here she is pushing back against a fake-news narrative trying to diminish how well Trump actually did in the Youngstown area in 2016:

Weird that the Washington Post reporter left out a nearly 30-point swing in his snarky tweet, right?