An adorable moment between former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is being turned (wrongly) into an attack on President Donald Trump.

First up, here’s the lighthearted moment from a few days ago in Dallas where the two former presidents were talking about their grandchildren. After Clinton bragged about his granddaughter singing “Happy Birthday,” Bush asked, “Can your granddaughter sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Mandarin? Mine can.” Watch:

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar immediately turned it on Trump, whose granddaughter also speaks Mandarin:

Morning Joe Senior Producer Jesse Rodriguez added that that Bush’s comment was in regard to this story earlier this year at Mar-a-Lago:

Except, this is 100% wrong. Bush and Clinton have been joking about this for years. Here’s an article from 2015 in the Dallas News, for example:

UNIVERSITY PARK — Former President Bill Clinton said Thursday night that George W. Bush was telling the truth when he told him last year that becoming a grandfather would make him fall in love all over again.

“[Last night], my granddaughter — 91/2 months old — for the first time when I walked to her room, [Hillary] said ‘Oh there’s your granddad,’ and she pointed right at me,” Clinton said. “That was worth more than anything anybody had said or done. … Everything you said about it is true.”

“Last night, my granddaughter spoke to me in Mandarin,” Bush said before the crowd, and Clinton, erupted in laughter.

Time to correct the record guys.