As we told you last night, Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour accused CNN’s Jake Tapper of joining “the ranks of the alt-right” after Tapper dared to ask if libs would “step up and denounce the Women’s March for glorifying convicted terrorist Assata Shakur”:

Now, you’d think people who get paychecks from CNN might, you know, stick up for their colleague and defend him from such an attack. But rather than call out Sansour for her vile tweet, CNN contributor Sally Kohn tweeted this instead:

Is Tapper taking “alt-right” out of context? What about these past statements? Out of context, too?

Not to mention that we’re quoting her exact words:

As for the Tapper/Sansour battle, it heated up again this morning responding to this 2012 tweet from Sansour:

Over to you, Sally: Which word did Tapper take out of context?