Get the popcorn…

Adam Carolla, who is starring in the new film “No Safe Spaces,” and Twitchy favorite Ben Shapiro will testify at a House subcommittee hearing on July 27 to discuss the issue of free speech  — or lack thereof — on America’s college campuses:

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Members of Congress are curious about the riots that ensue at U.C. Berkeley and other universities seemingly whenever a conservative is scheduled to deliver a speech. A hearing has been scheduled on the matter, and among those invited to testify is comedian Adam Carolla, The Hollywood Reporter learned Friday.

Insiders say Carolla has accepted the invitation and will address a dozen or so congressmembers in a joint hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Health Care, Benefits and Administrative Rules and the Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Affairs for up to two hours on July 27 in Washington.

Others planning to testify include conservative author and pundit Ben Shapiro and Nadine Strossen, the former president of the ACLU and a founder of Feminists for Free Expression. The topic of the congressional hearing is: “Challenges to Freedom of Speech on College Campuses.”

Oh, that will be good.

As for Carolla’s film “No Safe Spaces,” it’s a joint effort with Dennis Prager that will expose “the hysteria and lunacy taking place at universities, and how our future depends on stopping it.

Trailer here: