These HuffPost journos might not like what they hear on their big Middle America tour…

This is going to be great:

Or maybe not.  They’re going to mainly Hillary cities in Trump states, which negates a lot of the whole purpose of the trip:

Though many of the cities the group is visiting voted for Hillary Clinton in last year’s election, all but two of the states went to Trump. But Polgreen says they’re not visiting “Trump country,” pointing to a reason for each city or state on the tour like an interesting community college system in Fort Wayne or Detroit’s large Arab-American population. Hillary Frey, HuffPost’s director of editorial strategy who came up with the bus tour idea, also pointed out that logistically it didn’t make sense to go to the corners of the country where the distance from one city to the next would be too far.

And the pricetag for the trip? $1 million:

Exit question: Why not just use the $1 million to hire journalists from these 23 cities?


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