The latest on the Joe Scarborough–Donald Trump feud is that MSNBC has text messages that Scarborough says prove his side of the story, but the network won’t release them:

To recap, a network has evidence which might back-up a claim that the President of the United States possibly attempted to extort members of the media, and the network is sitting on it?

Nate Silver isn’t buying it:

Nor is Instapundit:

Time for MSNBC to put up or shut up:

Or maybe they don’t have anything at all:

As for who might be implicated any text message exchanges between the White House and Scarborough, The Daily Beast and The New Yorker are reporting it’s Jared Kushner:

But a single anonymous source in a strangely non-bylined story on Fox News denies that the text messages will show any sort of extortion or threat thereof:

Keep in mind, both Scarborough and MSNBC have admitted that they’ve had this evidence for weeks yet sat on it: