On this day two years ago, Donald Trump rode down the elevator at Trump Tower in NYC to launch his bid to be the Republican nominee for president. The rest, as they say, is history:

And since it is the anniversary of his campaign launch, we thought we’d take a stroll down memory lane and find some of the most wrong tweets from that fateful day.


TIME magazine analyzed Trump’s hair:

Mother Jones was ready for some fun:

Politico thought past contributions to the Clintons might hurt his chances:

Or maybe it would be his donation to Rahm Emanuel:

Illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas thought he wasn’t really going to run:

Hey, you got your wish:

Judd Legum was worried about Trump’s stance on global warming:

And they were already making fun of Trump’s Twitter grammar:

HuffPol was already telling us that the polling was against Trump:

While the WSJ got it right:

The late Alan Colmes argued that Trump would drop out:

While Dave Barry joke, “what the hell”:

Ben Shapiro with a prescient observation:

And this from Jim Geraghty:

Remember the Oprah for VP boomlet?

Too weird even for SNL?

If only they knew what was yet to come.



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