Reza Aslan apologized late Sunday afternoon for using profanity in a tweet about Donald Trump in the wake of the terror attacks in London on Saturday. It’s “not like me,” he says:

As we told you earlier, the CNN host called the president a “piece of sh*t”:

But don’t believe Aslan for a second when he says it’s “not like him” to use profanity or respond in a “derogatory” manner. Some examples…

“F*ck those moms” while responding to Paul Ryan on Mother’s Day:

“Go f*ck yourself” to Dinesh D’Souza:

On what Khizr Khan’s wife would say to Trump:

On Trump:

In response to VP Mike Pence:

On Sean Hannity:

On Trump:

On Trump:

So, in reality, using profanity after the terror attack on Saturday was exactly like what he’s tweeted many, many times before.

Want to try that apology again, eh?


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected an editing error in the headline.