Authorities in Manila, Philippines just wrapped up a news conference on the attack/robbery at the Resorts World casino.


Security guards at the hotel shot and wounded the gunman before he set himself on fire:

Authorities released CCTV footage of the gunman entering the casino, setting fire to the casino tables and then stealing the chips:

The gunman, however, has still not been identified:

And while the police are saying this wasn’t a terror attack:

The country’s national security adviser, Hermogenes Esperon, is not ruling the possibility out:

“We are not discounting possibility of even a small-scale terror attack in Manila. That’s why security forces had been in high alert,” he said. “Let us be calm but at same time be alert, ready to help our security forces.”

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, contrary to what the police report:

And some lawmakers aren’t buying the robbery story as well: