Another day, another verified tweeter pushing out fake news that goes viral when there’s more to the story.

Today’s edition involves Rep. Darrell Issa who was spotted on the roof of his California office taking pictures of protester below. Note the 16,000+ RTs:

“Too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents” below, except for the fact that Issa met with the constituents first and then went up on the roof. Note the only 300+ retweets at the time of this post’s publication:

As Mike Levin is running against Issa in the next election, he’s not just some rando on Twitter spinning this for his side. This is serious:

Levin also lied about Issa not interacting with the protesters. As you can see from Issa’s picture above, he did:

Levin admitted as much in a later tweet:

Exit question: Does Rep. Adam Schiff endorse his guy’s fake news tweet?