During Hillary Clinton’s commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley today, the 2016 loser took a shot at President Donald Trump by attempting to compare him to former President Richard Nixon. But she made one glaring error, which we’re sure you’ll spot:

Yep, Nixon was never impeached, but we do know someone else she might know who holds that honor:

Anyway, Hillary’s history lesson had super-fan Peter Daou all fired up:

Whoops. Daou aimed for Trump, but hit Bill Clinton by accident:

Wellesley grads reportedly cheered Hillary’s history error, which has us wondering what exactly did they study the past 4 years?

Transcript here:

And MSM accounts are glowingly tweeting Hillary’s dig, but not correcting her like they do for Trump.

Using the MSM style guide for chyrons, shouldn’t this headline be, “Hillary Clinton brings up Richard Nixon’s impeachment (he wasn’t):

Or this headline from the NYT. If Hillary “recalled Nixon’s impeachment,” should we question if she has memory issues?

Bret Baier awards her 2 out of 3:

That’s good enough for a Clinton, but as we’ve seen, not a Trump.