We’re starting to see this image on Twitter and Facebook of a rattlesnake-bite victim’s hospital bill with the caption, “What it looks like when a rattlesnake bites an uninsured American”…

…Well, for starters, the incident happened in 2015 when a moron attempted to take a selfie with the snake and the snake bit him. But more importantly, the moron had insurance at the time:

From the article:

In Fassler’s case, the hospital and insurance company are going back and forth to determine the final bill.

And even if he didn’t have insurance, this means the hospital still spent over $150,000 to save the moron which toally busts the argument in the first place that without Obamacare, moron who do moronic things will be left to die in the streets, or something:

The reason for the high cost is that the moron depeleted the anti-venom supply at multiple hospitals and it’s pretty expensive to treat morons with life-saving medicines:

Anyway, the moral to the story is that Americans need to stop being morons and maybe things will work out.