As we told you earlier, President Trump sat down with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro to discuss media reports that he asked former FBI Director James Comey for a loyalty oath of some sort over dinner when the two first met in January. Trump denied he asked Comey for any such thing, but went on to tell Pirro that asking for a loyalty pledge would be appropriate depending on how loyalty was defined.

As you can read in the transcript, Trump never says that he wants a loyalty plede to himself:


Anyway, we know that Trump was asked about loyalty to him and he turned it around, but this isn’t stopping media types from taking the quote out of context to make it sound like the president said the opposite of what he really said.

John Harwood, CNBC, for example:

Which generated many, many responses that don’t take into account what Trump really said:

MSNBC’s Brad Jaffey, who linked to above for providing the entire transcript, felt the need to post the edited version as well:

And this led to similar results as the Harwood edit job:

The Hill played this game as well:

Again, readers didn’t bother with the entire quote before commenting:

Hey, hate on Donald Trump as much as you want. Have fun. But stop taking what he says out of context. You’re looking more and more foolish by the day and this crying wolf is why folks don’t trust your reporting.