Liberals are desperate to prove that President Trump fired James Comey as FBI Director as a part of some grand scheme to end any investigation into ties between his campaign and Russia. Well, if that was the president’s plan, Trump accidentally put in charge of the FBI someone we’ve criticized in the past for his close ties to the Clinton money machine: Andrew McCabe. Why would the president do that?

Anyway, McCabe, who is testifying right now in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, just had a spoon-fed opportunity to nuke the president and he passed.

Here’s Senator Richard Burr asking McCabe to comment on Trump’s letter to Comey alleging that the former FBI director had privately told the president on “three separate occasions” that he wasn’t the target of the investigation.

To that, McCabe said he couldn’t comment on any talks Comey may have had with the president:


This is a perfectly normal response, but libs were hoping that Trump’s letter would have freed McCabe to spill the beans:

And we’re seeing some talk that Trump’s letter basically waives any claims he might have had on “executive privilege,” which would have given McCabe additional cover to say whatever he wanted at the hearing:

Adding to liberal heartache right now, Sen. Chuck Grassley suggested to CNN’s Manu Raju that Trump’s letter was truthful, too:

As we said earlier in our post on Maxine Waters admitting she’s yet to see evidence of collusion, it’s close to game over for Dems: