Compare and contrast time from the Saturday’s debate for Montana’s at-large seat in Congress to replace the seat left vacant by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke…

Republican Greg Gianforte (far left), after saying climate change is happening, argued that the benefits of shutting down every single coal-fired plant in North America don’t make business sense for Montana.

“Our environment would be 2 hundredths of a degree cooler 100 years from now, ” said Gianforte who holds a B.E. in electrical engineering and an M.S. degree in computer science. “The margin of error on that study was 4 hundredths of a degree. And for that we’re willing to give up 7000 jobs in Montana and $1.5 billion annual revenue? That’s not a smart business decision.”

While Democrat Rob Quiso, who is a folk singer popular at nudist resorts in the state, said that those who don’t agree with him on shutting down coal should lock themselves in their garage with their cars on and see what happens.


No wonder Gianforte is up by 15 points in the latest poll.