Bret Stephens, the new conservative columnist for the New York Times, has his first piece out for the paper and based on the reaction from liberals, it could be the best column ever written in the history of journalism. Check it out:

Keep in mind, Stephens is arguing that climate change is real and man-made, yet they’ve still turned it up to 11:

Some of the unhinged, four-letter reaction…

David Corn, Mother Jones:

Jesse Berney, Rolling Stone:

Lizzy Watson, Gizmodo:

Emily Singer, Mic:

Emily Atkin, New Republic:

Umair Haque, author:

David Roberts, Vox:

Clara Jeffrey, Mother Jones:

Jon Lovett, former Obama adviser:

Elizabeth Lopatto, The Verge:

Ian Millhiser, Think Progress:

Anthony De Rosa, The Daily Show:

They’re even mad at how the New York Times classifies its “top stories”:

And which posts get a “push notification”:

Welcome to the New York Times, Bret!