By now you’ve heard that Jeb Bush, along with Yankees legend Derek Jeter, submitted the winning bid and will be the new owners (if everything closes) of the Miami Marlins…

…but did you know this isn’t the first time a Bush has teamed up with a Yankee legend? Here’s Babe Ruth meeting George H.W. Bush, captain of the Yale baseball team, in 1948:

Ruth, who was suffering from cancer, donated an original manuscript of his autobiography to the school, proclaiming Yale Field “to be the finest playing surface he had ever seen.” From Yale Alumni Magazine:

And here, too, in 1948, Ruth, near death from cancer, returned for a poignant final visit. The Babe walked slowly to the infield and presented Yale captain George Bush with a donation to the University: an original manuscript of Ruth’s autobiography. Ruth proclaimed the site—Yale Field—to be the finest playing surface he had ever seen.

According to reports, the Bush-Jeter partnership of destiny agreed to pay $1.3 billion for the franchise.