Former Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power is sorry, y’all, for not doing more to recognize the Armenian genocide:

Too little, too late:

Remember when Obama promised to do so?

We look forward to her next apology on Syria:

One down and one to go!

And what’s with her post-Obama concern-trolling? Take this story, for example, on all of the items confiscated from illegal immigrants stopped at the Mexican border:

Those rosaries do make for a powerful image, which Power noted:

But only if you click on the article do you realize that the objects in the artist’s photographs, Tom Kiefer, are from his time working as a janitor at at C.B.P. processing center in Ajo, Arizona during the Obama administration:

In 2014—after more than a decade working with C.B.P., and after seven years of sneaking out the trash—Kiefer quit his job to work on “El Sueño Americano” full-time. One day in Ajo, he ran into a secretary from his old job: the C.B.P. agents, she told him, were “furious” that he’d spent his on-the-clock time “stealing” government property for a private project.

Kiefer “sees his project as a counterweight to C.B.P.’s dehumanizing practices,” which we wonder if Power knows that all of this happened on her watch, too.

Or how about this comment of her’s responding to Iran’s role in the Syrian conflict?

Or her newfound concern for Yemen?

Or this on Assad’s chemical weapons which Obama supposedly got rid of?

If only Samantha Power knew someone who could’ve righted these wrongs over the past 8 years…