Fox News’ Janice Dean has been off the air for the past 9 weeks, and now we now why.

The popular meteorologist suffered adverse side effects from a procedure called “fractora” that ended up freezing the left side of her face, making it hard to chew, smile or even speak:

According to her doctor, recovery time for the procedure would only be 5 days. Dean writes:

My doctor told me there was a procedure that’s fairly new, but it’s changing the game in cosmetic surgery. It’s called “fractora,” an outpatient procedure done in the office that takes under an hour and that regenerates your natural collagen and tightens that old skin.

How long would this miracle laser treatment last for?  Five years or longer…  What about the downtime?

About 5 days. All right!

The kids have their school break coming up —  I was going to take the time off anyway to be with them. Perfect!

But that’s not how it went for Dean:

The next day I took off my bandages. The left side of my face was still very swollen and I was finding it hard to talk out of that side of my mouth. I couldn’t chew properly.  Well, maybe this might help me lose a few pounds too? Nervous giggle.

I had the email of my doctor’s assistant and typed: “Hi there. Just wanted to know if it’s normal that one side of my face is very swollen and it’s really challenging to talk. Could you ask the doctor?”

She emailed back and said to send some pictures – one smiling, one normal, one with a pursed mouth like I’m pouting.

My bottom lip had looked like it had vanished. My smile was lopsided.  I started looking stuff up on the internet.

Yikes. Close the computer.

Doctors told her that her face would eventually return to normal, but the whole episode left Dean asking why she put herself through this in the first place:

I went to work the following week. But I couldn’t go on air. My words weren’t coming out right.

I wasn’t able to smile, laugh and deliver the weather with my Fox and Friends Family.

At first I was embarrassed. Then sad about what I had done.  And then shame.

Why was I so vain to do this to myself?

I had to start admitting to my colleagues and friends what happened.

And although she’s not 100% yet, even after 9 weeks, Dean will be back on the air Monday:

Welcome back!