Remember Omran Daqneesh? He is the young Syrian boy from the photo below that’s been seen around the world in order to show the horrors of the Assad regime. Fox News is reporting that he and his family are now “under house arrest”:

The “house arrest” claim was made by Mahmoud Raslan, a photographer and opposition activist. From Fox News:

Today, the Bashar Assad regime has his family under lock and key, according to photojournalist and opposition activist Mahmoud Raslan, who snapped that haunting portrait of Omran.

But not so fast. Journalist Jenan Moussa is calling into question Raslan’s account, reporting that the family is actually pro-regime and is turning down cash for interviews that might paint Assad in a bad light:

Sheesh. What happened to Omran is heartbreaking, but would there have been such an outpouring of support had it been known originally that his family is pro-Assad? And it’s awful that Raslan is spinning the story to pump up his own photograph.