Anti-Trump actor Shia LaBeouf has a new art project that involves him and two of his friends sitting by themselves in cabins in Finland with their only contact with the outside world through text messages to patrons of a local museum in Helsinki…

…so basically people go to the museum and argue with LaBeouf in text messages, and then those message are published on the website. For example, here’s the former “Transformers” star calling visitors to the museum “fascists”:

Or this guy with Pepe the Frog:

And here’s LaBeouf with a MAGA hat:

And now people are getting together online to try and find LaBeouf in an attempt to disrupt the art project:

This would be LaBeouf’s third art project since Trump took office. The first one — a webcam in Queens — shut down in February:

And his second one involving a flag blew up, too, after people online found where it was hidden:

How soon until they stop this new one? You can watch along at home and hope for some excitement!

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