Get the popcorn…

A mega Hollywood producer has accused the always awful actor and Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin of lying in a new memoir that hit bookshelves earlier this week:

At issue is Baldwin’s recollection of the R-rated film, “Mini’s First Time,” a 2006 black comedy starring then 16-year-old Nikki Reed as Mini, who just happens to get into a sexual relationship with her step-father in the flick, Baldwin.

Creepy, right? Especially with all of the anti-Trump commentary from Baldwin.

Anyway, Baldwin claimed in the memoir that he had no idea Reed was 16 until after the film was shot. A claim called out by Dana Brunetti, one of the producers on the film (Baldwin called her 17 in the book):

Baldwin said he was furious at the producers when he found out Reed’s age, which was disputed by Brunetti as well:

According to Brunetti, they liked the idea of a 16-year-old girl filming sex scenes with a then 47-year-old Baldwin because then they wouldn’t be “pressured into shooting scenes w/nudity”:

WTH. Did anyone step back at the time and say, “hey, maybe not use at 16-year-old girl at all?!”

Brunetti called out Baldwin for going after Trump when he has his own alleged skeletons:

There are witnesses, he says:

Now here’s where it gets even worse for Hollywood. Baldwin fired back at Brunett asking the producer to produce the Screen Actors Guild waiver for “scenes involving physical contact with minors.”

Like the waiver would somehow magically make either one’s actions in casting and acting out sex scenes with a 16-year-old girl appropriate?

Guys, “waivers” don’t make this OK. At all.

As of the writing of this post, there’s been no comment on Twitter from Nikki Reed.

Here’s the creepy trailer: