It appears Samantha Bee should be more aware of that old saying about those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Here she is attacking Betsy DeVos on school choice:

And here’s the nuclear response…

Bee’s husband, Jason Jones, was quoted in a Slate article in 2016 as one of the public school parents objecting to his kids’ school moving just 16 blocks away to a new building located next to a housing project that would increase African-American and Hispanic enrollment at the mostly white and Asian school:

Keep in mind, there are roughly 20 blocks to a mile in New York City, so we’re not talking about any sort of real relocation.

From Slate:

Like so many public schools in New York City, P.S. 452 has a lopsided enrollment, with a population that’s three-quarters white and Asian, with only 13 percent of kids qualifying for free lunch, in a district that’s 43 percent white and Asian and 48 percent low-income, according to a Chalkbeat story on the brewing controversy.

P.S. 452, which opened in 2010 to relieve overcrowding in other nearby sought-after schools, quickly became overcrowded itself. And so the city proposed moving the school, which currently shares a building with two other schools, 16 blocks south, to a site with more space that happens to be just adjacent to large housing projects. In one swoop, the city could solve the school’s capacity problem while improving its diversity.

And here’s Jones’ response:

One P.S. 452 parent speaking out against the move is comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, who’s married to Samantha Bee. “To portray any opposition as classist or racist is as bad as it can get,” Jones told WNYC. And elsewhere: “We are not divided,” he said at a public hearing about the proposal, “we are absolutely united in wanting what’s best for our children,” then encouraged fellow parents not to talk to the press about the controversy.

And what’s best for the children of limousine liberals is to not have their kids mixed in with minority students? But, hey … Bee’s fans like it:



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